Electronic Door Locks -What you need to know

If you are purchasing door locks for the commercial or residential door, the electronic door lock could be a better option. This is especially for business owners who are looking for the best way to protect their investment from burglars. The homeowner also needs a lock that will provide advanced level of security. Therefore, it is advisable that you go for the electronic locks which provide greater convenience. In this post, we feature some of the benefits of using the electronic door locks. Let us rock and roll!

electronic door lock

1. Electronic door Locks Provide Long-Term Cost Reduction

If you are looking at the short-term implication, you may find the electronic door locks to be much more expensive. However, the reality is that over the long-term, you begin to realize the economic sense vested in purchasing the electronic door lock system. Ideally, the electronic door lock ends up being a money-saving investment. Consider that the full electronic door locks will not result in lost keys, hence you will not need a locksmith to unlock and make a replacement key. Therefore, apart from the high cost of acquiring the electronic door locks, over time, you save a huge amount of money.

2. High-Level security

The other advantage of using the electronic door locks is that you enjoy high-level security. The electronic locks are nearly impossible to pick. Therefore, if you have notorious burglars who are experienced in picking the traditional locks, your house or business will be a no-entry zone! This is owing to the two-level biaxial key cutting, making it extremely difficult to pick electronic locks. In addition, the electronic door locks have the advantage of being drill resistant, and so no thief will gain entry into the house.

3. Electronic locks are rekeyable

If you are a business owner or a homeowner sharing keys with your children, the nuisance of lost keys is a thing of the past if you choose the electronic locks. The high-tech electronic keys are rekeyable, and so you do not incur the cost of replacing locks regularly. In a commercial setting where roles are bound to change in case of transfers or resigning of an employee, you just need to change the code. In most cases, this is a simple to-do task, requiring no specialized skill. Thus, the rekeyable electronic door keys become the best option for commercial or residential use.

electronic door lock with tap card function

4. Modern and stylish electronic door lock solution

In the era of digital solutions, having an electronic door lock on your residential door looks fashionable and feels modern. Therefore, if you are still using the traditional locks on your house or office doors, consider upgrading to the more modern looking electronic door locks.

5. There are different electronic door lock options available

The lock industry has been vibrant, providing different options for homeowners and commercial customers. If interested in purchasing an electronic door lock, you can choose from the different options available in the market today. Talk to an experienced locksmith, for assistance in choosing a suitable electronic door lock for commercial or residential use.
When purchasing the electronic door locks, there are different factors to consider. Not every electronic door lock provides the different features you may want. Thus, it makes sense being knowledgeable of the things to consider when purchasing an electronic door lock.

  • How often are you going to use the electronic door lock? Consider that if your electronic door lock is to be used quite often, you need a much more robust solution that can handle the high traffic. This is often the case for the commercial use electronic door lock, where you have employees walking in and out of the offices.
  • Are you using the electronic door lock on an external or internal door? Again, an external door experiences more traffic and serves a more important role when it comes to the security of your business. in that regard, you would want to consider an electronic door lock that provides an advanced level of security.
    Knob Handle or Level Handle? This is a matter of personal preference. You want to make sure that the type of handle suits your personal preferences.
  • Consider, or be aware of, the above ideas when purchasing the electronic door lock. The most important factor is ensuring that your requirements are met. Are you considering the electronic door lock for commercial or residential use? Contact Always Locksmith in South El Monte.

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